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Maximize profitability – minimize potential exposure to liability

With taxes, an ever present cost component of business and investment activities, it is crucial that tax planning be thoroughly incorporated into overall business and investment planning. In order to maximize profitability and minimize potential exposure to tax liability, tax planning must be fully integrated into the structure of every transaction.

With our expert staff, we can help you attain optimum tax structure by formulating tax strategies, innovative tax planning and concurrently complying with tax regulations in a constantly evolving tax landscape. Our tax professionals will ease out the complexities for you to ensure maximum tax efficiency. In addition, we continuously keep our clients updated on reforms and developments concerning tax laws and regulations.

We offer a complete suite of tax advisory and compliance services concerning direct and indirect taxation, including:

  • Corporate and personal taxation
  • Advisor on direct and indirect taxation (Customs, Sales Tax and Federal Excise)
  • Tax strategy and planning
  • Tax compliance (tax registration, preparation and filing of returns, communication with tax authorities, tax withholding advisory etc.)
  • Tax accounting services
  • Tax audits
  • Litigation support services and representation before tax authorities concerning appeals, petitions, refund claims etc.

Whatever your need, we have the tax planning experience and capability to help position your business and investment activities for enhanced profitability.

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